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Bhaskra Prime Series

Solar PCU (MPPT)

Salient Features:

State of Art highly efficient and high switching speed MOSFET based PWM Technology.
Single PCB concept based design for pure sine wave, solar integration and LCD.
Maximum Solar Power extraction and Utilization to save electricity bill and money.
Powerful Charging even during very low Voltage.
Completely Noiseless Operation. Precise Auto Thermal management and protection.
Fastest protection (Almost all) to make rugged and enhance product life.
Advance and reliable software to incorporate and interface SOLAR-UPS Features.
Intelligently Controlled Smart and PFC Charger.
Long Backup with being a pure sine wave output.
5-stage Smart Charging profile with Auto charge Equalization to enhance Battery life.
User Selectable switches to select choice of operation.
Pure sine wave Output at full load.
Dual display mode LCD & LED.

Solar Hybrid PCU (MPPT Series)

Model Name 101220024300485004850096750120100120150240
Rating 1000VA /24V 2000 VA /24 V 3000 VA /48V 5000 VA /48V 5000VA /96V 7.5KVA /120V 10KVA
Batteries2 nos.2 nos.4 nos. 4 nos.8 nos.10 nos. 10-15 nos. 15-20 nos.
Solar I/P Volt Range (Vdc)36-105 Voc 36-105 Voc 64-150 Voc 64-150 Voc 128-250 Voc 160-300 Voc 160-400 Voc 160-450 Voc
Max Solar Panel Installation (Wp)1320 Wp (2-arrays of 105Voc ) 1320 Wp (2-arrays of 105Voc ) 3000 Wp (3-arrays of 150-200Voc ) 4000 Wp (3 to 4-arrays of 200Voc ) 4000 Wp (3-arrays of 250Voc ) 6000 Wp (4-arrays of 300Voc ) 10000 Wp (6-arrays of 400Voc ) 15000 Wp (6-8 arrays of 450Voc )
Out Put Load0.8 PF (Bulb Load)0.8 PF (Bulb Load)0.8 PF (Bulb Load)0.8 PF (Bulb Load)0.8 PF (Bulb Load)0.8 PF (Bulb Load)0.8 PF (Bulb Load)0.8 PF (Bulb Load)
Grid I/P Range (Vac)Wide-Inverter mode 100V -280Vac /Narrow-UPS mode 170V-260Vac
Inverter Design TypeMOSFET basedMOSFET /IGBT basedIGBTs based
Inverter O/P Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Nominal O/P Volt (Vac)220 5%
Frequency 50 0.15 Hz
Peak Frequency ( Inverter Mode)>=85%
Peak Frequency ( MPPT Charging Mode)Upto 97.5% ( with synchronous Buck converter below 3KVA)
Mppt Charger Topology Smart Synchronous Hf Buck Converter (MOSFETS)Smart Buck HF Converter (MOSFEt/IGBTS
Operating ModesSolar/Grid/Battery (user selectable)
Operating Temp.up to 55 deg. cel
Humidity95% non-condensing
Cooling TypeExhaust Fan
Lcd & Led Display ( Dual)Solar Volt, Solar Current, Inv O/P Volt, Grid Volt, Overload, Over Temperature, Solar Over Volt ( Including Remedy of All Faults)
ProtectionsAll Faults Are Protected Through Electronics and Software
Alarm Alarm For All Faults Are Through Electronics And Software
Priority Solar Then Grid/Battery
Change Over To Grid Automatic Through Software Control

Weight and Dimension

Model Name101220024
Packing Box Dimension330*320*185387*405*215435*340*425750*520*730
Net Weight 7.275kg 14.285kg23.150kg26.590kg28.250kg60.250kg 70920kg91500kg
Gross Weight 7.920kg 15.560kg24.086kg27.970kg30.600kg 64.630kg 76045kg96650kg

Solar Charge Controller (MPPT)

Powerful charging even during very low voltage.
Peak hardware efficiency of MPPT converter is more than 95%.
16*2 LCD display along with LED display for detailed information.
Upto 25% extra power as compared to PWN models using MPPT.
Peak efficiency of MPPT tracker (software algorithm ) is more than 98.9%.
Inbuilt smart MPPT change controller up-to output maximum power ratings.
4 stage battery charging-Deep discharge/Boost/Absorbation/Trickle charging mode.



12V-40A, 50A

Overvoltage Protection.

Battery Reversal Protection.

24V-30A, 40A

Over Current Protection.

Solar Reversal Protection.

48V-10A, 15A

High Charge Protection.

High Temp. Protection.


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Emergency Lighting

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