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Millenium Electronics

We, Milennium Electronics Technologies Pvt. Ltd, (METPL) have accumulated a strong and healthy market trust through a simple principle that we follow – Earn Trust with Business. We believe that as trading, direct sales and online sales -company of tomorrow, we must be able to provide solutions for the customer’s process of products sourcing, service and deliveries under one roof. Milennium Electronics Technologies Pvt. Ltd, (METPL) has earned a reputation of the most well equipped store for all products at competitive pricing with the added benefit of a customer friendly environment.

We always do our best to provide the latest technology at affordable prices to our customers. Our core competency is our customer relationship. We have built a trust with our everyday consumer, which has provided us with regular business.

METPL always and strongly believe in great customer service and work towards the same. We offer extended warranties and special offers that are provided by our suppliers and product manufacturers. We also offer home delivery service and installation wherever required or needed.

In the near future, METPL aims to establish regional dealerships in every part of India through e-commerce activities with its own branded and products as well as the products of the producers that already have business cooperation with us. Taking care of the interests of our customers and manufacturing companies which we consider as our business partners and providing the highest quality, service and products besides catching our own growth targets.

Message from our Chairman

Millenium Electronics demonstrates it’s ability in producing products with high accuracy and very little snag. We will continue to supply products that customers can use without any concerns. We keep improving the quality of our products and craftsmanship as well as production efficiency to increase our credibility. Using the company’s feature of strength as a development proposal provider, and taking advantage of our ‘passion for manufacturing’ and ‘spirit for meeting a challenge’ that we have maintained since company formation, we strive to manufacture products that are unconventional and surprising. We will also develop our merits further while maintaining a strong will to redress wrongs to make the company better. Millenium Electronics has chosen the common theme ‘Aiming to be a solid global company.’ We try to bring a lot of new talent in order to keep supplying products of high value to the market. To realize this dream, we will contribute to the creation of new value through manufacture which is, in turn, propelled by each individual employee’s : “Spirit for meeting a challenge.”

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