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Solara Series Bttery Less Solar (MPPT)

External Battery UPS Commander

Low Maintenance High Power

About Us

We, Milennium Electronics Technologies Pvt. Ltd, (METPL) have accumulated a strong and healthy market trust through a simple principle that we follow – Earn Trust with Business. We believe that as trading, direct sales and online sales -company of tomorrow, we must be able to provide solutions for the customer’s process of products sourcing, service and deliveries under one roof. Milennium Electronics Technologies Pvt. Ltd, (METPL) has earned a reputation of the most well equipped store for all products at competitive pricing with the added benefit of a customer friendly environment.
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Best Perfomance

The customer’s process of product procurement, servicing, and delivery can be solved best by us.

Why Choose Us?

We offer the highest quality items, so you can choose us to meet your needs.
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01 Quality

Given the great quality of our
products and the skill with
which our clients use them,

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02 Innovation

We keep striving to be unique
and integrate new concepts
into our products.

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03 Customers

Our clients were really satisfied
with our services because we
delivered the greatest services
in the best manner.

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04 Team Work

In this field, our team is the best. They are making every effort to resolve any issues.
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We have young dynamic & technically very sound back ground of our Chairperson & Directors.
  • Mr. Vineet Goyal
  • Mrs. Pooja Goel
  • Mr. Tanmay Goyal

Mission, Vision & Core Values

To move strongly with our products and services, to keep in the forefront satisfaction and trust of our customers and manufacturing companies associates with us and d to move forward with our new products and services.

Our Basic Goal & Strengths:

  • To generate a high standard of commitment to our customers.
  • To treat our clients, suppliers and employees with honesty and respect.
  • To provide a quality working environment with advanced technology.
  • Sharing our vast experiences.
  • Always working and respecting the- Win-Win Principle.
  • Believing in universal values.
  • Working with a young, dynamic and talented team.
  • Being goal & solution oriented.
  • Believing in customer satisfaction.

Our Core values:

  • Best Distribution strategies.
  • Procurement/process and Protecting our Network’s benefit.
  • To provide a quality working environment with advanced technology.
  • Ensuring efficient and reliable team work.
  • Adopting transparent and law-abiding working principles.

Our Products

A certain number of products are quite popular.